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    Hey guys,

    Here are few of the stocks which need our attention on Wednesday. These are the stocks we need to research more and more important is to keep an eye on them when the market opens and jump in at right time. I would suggest to watch the direction of the stocks when market opens and do a day trade in few hours. This is not for those who are on their job and have a look after every hour on the market. These are for those who can be constantly in front of their computers and are ready to hit the trigger. Such stocks can make you rich or can bankrupt you in minutes.

    - Up 814% on Tuesday. Good chances of gains on Wednesday as well

    Universal Bioenergy Inc. (UBRG) has signed a multi-million dollar contract with Mississippi Investment Petroleum Company (MIPCO), a next generation biofuels energy producer and marketer.

    Under the terms of the agreement MIPCO will have a biodiesel fuel production arrangement and lease of Universal Bioenergy's biodiesel fuel refinery in Nettleton, Mississippi to produce and distribute biodiesel fuel to the Southeast, Midwest and Gulf Coast regions of the United States. The estimated gross revenue to be generated from the fuel sales to the end user is $30 million.

    Vonage Holdings ( VG )

    A stock which can make your dreams come true. It had touched $2.72/shr during after hours trade on Tuesday. I would see it as a stock really good to hold for a week atleast and get very good profit. Tomorrow will be an ideal day for getting in. It is already much in green since few days but it still has the potential.

    The last trade after hours for VG was at $2.17. Getting in around 2.10 to 2.35 tomorrow will be a good entry point.

    do your research on these companies. Check out if the news releases are real or fake and made up.

    God Bless,

    Be Rich.


  1. Anonymous says:

    Got in at 2.06..... let us now if you have any other tip about when to get out....

  1. Anonymous says:

    Also something is sketchy with the new layout...when you click post comment, it takes you to the preview page to type the code but the input field is hidden on the bottom so you have to use the "tab" key to get to it... see this pic http://screencast.com/t/cgPspK5UJd

  1. That problem has been solved. Thanks for informing.
    Do let me know if you find any flaws in the new layout.

  1. Anonymous says:

    Sorry to be picky.... but the text is going out of bounds also....



  1. Anonymous says:

    Should we still hold to VG?

  1. I don't see a strong reason to hold it now. May be you are in green or not, but move ahead as there are stocks in the market which can give you more benefit than holding this one.

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