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  • Time to make money..... Don't loose it

    Awesome time to make money......

    Guys, right now is the awesome time for making money. Sunday is the day when we have lots of time to think about where to invest in the coming week. As I discussed in the earlier post about the importance of weekends to be used to make game plans for the whole week. The Job cuts data has been impressive atleast to say that it is negative but less bad than expected. I am not talking about investing without thinking. Go and do your research. Start with the best website and find out what other websites are saying. Do some research on DCGN and BEHL. Make a list of stocks, ask the experts, do your own research, see the past performance of the stock or the future plannings of the company.

    Use this sunday to do research on stocks. I will posting tomorrow for the best picks of monday.

    Till then,

    God Bless,

    Be Rich


  1. bao bao says:

    How is Decode Genetics Doing Now?
    I thought this stock have a good future but it slump deep on monday.I Buying this stock at S0.72.
    They can survice or not?


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