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  • Thornburg Mortgage, Inc. (THMRQ) is exploding

    Thornburg Mortgage is set to ride to the top.....

    Hey Guys,

    Today I am sharing with you a stock which right now has no value but was worth a lot a while ago. This Economic recession has brought down huge Empires. Thornburg Mortgage is one of them. Thornburg Mortgage THMRQ is  an OTC stock and is worth just $0.04/share. It has Increased 300% last week from 0.01 to 0.04.
    Such stocks are having higher value but are ignored when they file chapter 11 and shift to OTC. But it takes just few positive triggers to take them to peak. Lots of such stocks (not unknown company penny stocks but stocks of big firms in OTC) are soaring since last few Trading days.

    There is no strong news or reason to believe that this will rise. But this is the way to make money in the stock market. This is a trick where you are seeing a stock rising with no news but you can assume  a lot going on inside. The best indication is the volume which in this case was around 43 million. This is a clear indication of something fishy going on. I would suggest to see the trend of this stock when the market opens and then decide whether to jump in or not. It has pretty good chances to rise and equal chances of profit taking as it has risen around 300 %. 

    In our whole life we are trying to find a magic button. Once we hit that button, there won't be any need of running after money anymore. Keep an eye on Thornburg tomorrow. May be this is our Magic Button. If something is backing Thornburg to rise , it can go to .20 or even more.  Remember it is really risky to invest in such stocks. But the biggest Risk in Life is not to take Risk. 

    Make a wise Decision. Don't lose money. We are here to earn. If you have any comments or concerns, do leave comments.
    About Thornburg Mortgage
    Thornburg Mortgage, Inc. is a single-family (one-to-four unit) residential mortgage lender that originates, acquires and retains investments in adjustable-rate and variable-rate mortgage (ARM) Assets, thereby providing capital to the single-family residential housing market. Its ARM Assets consist of Purchased ARM Assets and ARM Loans and are comprised of Traditional ARM Assets and Hybrid ARM Assets. Purchased ARM Assets are mortgage-backed securities (MBS) that represent interests in pools of ARM loans, which are publicly rated and issued by third parties and may include guarantees or other third-party credit enhancements against losses from loan defaults. ARM Loans are either loans that it has securitized from its own loan origination or acquisition activities, loans that it uses as collateral to support the issuance of Collateralized Mortgage Debt or loans pending securitization. 

    God Bless,

    Be Rich.


  1. Anonymous says:

    Wow! Your justification is totally devoid of valid reason. Are you being paid to pump it?

    Please disclose (as a rule) if you have any financial relationships with the companies you mention. For example, Lebed is being paid off for the companies he pumps.

  1. Thornburg is not a company which can be pumped. Pumped stocks are different which even don't have proper business profile which you can get on penny stock websites. I would also like to add companies like Lehman brothers and washington mutual to the alert as there is a possibility of rise in them too. Today's alert is not based on a news, Its just a tip, a way to make money. The regular hot stock for Monday is PACR. Check out the previous post.

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