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  • Take your profits and enjoy.......

    GRRF made our day.................

    Hey Guys , as per Friday's hot pick on Hot Stocks Everyday GRRF is on the top. As per our suggestion, GRRF was up by more than 60 % and is still holding the gains above 40 %. I had suggested to enter earlier in the premarket or as soon as the market opens. Those who followed are enjoying the extra money in their accounts. CSKI was to present its report and there were chances of either increasing by around 15 % or remaining flat so no loss no profit as a safe bet. You can check the comments of the post to get more idea about investing in CSKI.

    It seems like those who decided to go for CSKI instead of GRRF don't have much profit. At this point, now the best thing to do will be to get out of them. CSKI people are advised to sell but they can hold for few days to get atleast what they invested. But its risky. Whatever profit you are getting, just get out. I will be back with more excellent tips during the weekend and hot picks for the next week.

    God Bless,

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