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    Don't follow any of the websites like Crystal ball. Just use them to make a list of hot stocks for the next day and then try to find out the one which has some big news associated with it. some penny stocks would have potential to get doubled or more ina very short time. If already missed a rally and still want to enter, you can do that in a penny stock as it may still have some potential to rise but most of the penny stocks decline after few days so don't hold penny stocks.

    'Research the stocks' - This phrase means that find out whether the stock price increase is real or fake? Sometimes some of the websites are paid in cash or shares to feature a particular company and they will send you bulk of e mails for publicising that company.

    Also search for Google discussions, sometime people who found out some scam will post it their.

    The golden penny stocks are those, who are in a business which has potential to growth. A good news on some contract or big order or collaboration will make them shoot.

    Checking out the volume is also necessary part of research as less volume means trading done by just manipulators to increase the price.

    We will share many tips here. But in stock market, one way of thinking and deciding doesn't works for all stocks. We have to think in a different way for each stock. we will keep discussing some of the hot stocks everyday to make money in this unreliable market.

    God Bless,

    Be Rich.


  1. Read on: says:

    I'm finding it looks easier to SHORT the stocks that go up, cause 80% go down the next day or look take dips after the news. Buying into them just doesn't always work. Just lost some more money buying another pennystock.

  1. That is a very good point but then Penny stocks are not available to Short most of the time. So shorting doesn't works with penny stocks. Shorting can be profitable in unstable Financials.

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