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  • SFIO will skyrocket

    SFIO - Smokefree Innotec Inc. will be a blockbuster tomorrow

    Company Info:

    Smokefree Innotec, Inc. is in the business of designing, developing, manufacturing and marketing a hi-tech, smokeless tobacco innovation. Our Patent Pending, odorless cigarette-style electronic device utilizes a liquefied, vaporizable depot of a raw, unmanipulated extract of tobacco. Smokefree Innotec’s products are designed to protect the non-smoker from second hand smoke and all its effects while providing the smoker a way to enjoy a smoke-free cigarette anywhere, including places where smoking is prohibited. Further, our products will allow the smoker to enjoy smoking while not having to worry about the dangers and ill effects of regular cigarette smoking. Please visit our website, www.sfio.us or www.smokefree-innotec.com , for more information about the Company and our new product.

    News for the proof that it will skyrocket soon

    Jul 31, 2009
    Pink OTC Markets News Service

    Nashville, TN —

    Nashville, TN – July 31, 2009 – Smokefree Innotec, Inc. (symbol: Pink Sheets - SFIO) ( www.sfio.us ) today provided updated information on the launch of its cigarette alternative that operates differently than any other e-cigarette in the market. Thomas Schroepfer, President of Smokfree Innotec, stated, “Our new product will be the World’s first, completely smoke-free, ‘hi-tech’ cigarette. Whereas the competitors’ products yield a smoky vapor and have a light at the tip end imitating the fire in a traditional cigarette, inhaling our ‘Real Smoke-free’ e-cigarette yields exclusively nicotine and aroma.” Mr. Schroepfer went on to say, “The most significant distinction between the Real Smoke-free e-cigarette and its competitors is that the Smokefree Innotec product does not utilize cartridges filled with transponder substances and nicotine. We use a slightly adapted, yet traditional, cigarette filter with nicotine interspersed through nanotechnology - enough to emulate the satisfaction of a traditional cigarette, but in a much lower dosage - and produced in Germany subject to rigid, quality control standards.”

    The Real Smoke-free “hi-tech cigarette” will be introduced in August in test markets in the USA, Germany and Belgium and will become widely available in a rollout beginning in September in the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, South Africa, New Zealand, Brazil, Australia, Greece and Argentina followed by worldwide distribution in 2010.


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