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  • PACR has got Additional Credit of $125 million

     PACR is our hope for Monday

    Hey Guys,

    The excitement of stocks is back with Monday. All we need to do is make more money everyday. PACR is in the market with some fresh good news. I am hoping to see it rise for few days. There are chances of increase of up to 40% in 3 days.

    Comments and suggestions are welcomed. We will be posting some more tips and hot stocks soon. Keep an eye. Do sign up for email alerts if you haven't done it yet. Do your research on this stock and share your ideas about it.

    Pacer International, Inc. (Nasdaq: PACR), a leading North American freight transportation and logistics services provider, has successfully entered into an Amended and Restated Credit Agreement (A&R Credit Agreement) with its syndicate of financial institutions led by Bank of America, N.A.
    The A&R Credit Agreement provides for an asset-based, revolving credit facility of up to $125 million, subject to borrowing base availability, with an accordion feature that offers an increase of up to $50 million in the credit facility subject to certain conditions. More News Here

    About Pacer International
    Pacer International, Inc. (Pacer International) is a asset-light North American logistics provider. The Company provides transportation and logistics services to numerous Fortune 500 and multi-national companies, including Big Lots, C.H. Robinson, General Electric, Sony, Union Pacific, Toyota and ConAgra, which together represented approximately 18.7% of its revenues for the fiscal year ended December 26, 2008 (fiscal 2008). The Company provides its transportation services from two operating segments, its intermodal segment, which provides intermodal transportation services principally to transportation intermediaries, beneficial cargo owners and international shipping companies who utilize intermodal transportation, and its logistics segment, which provides truck brokerage, truck transport, supply chain management services, freight forwarding, ocean shipping and warehousing and distribution services to a range of end user customers.
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    We will surely make money.

    God Bless,
    Be Rich.


  1. rufus says:

    May I know why is this stock going down after opening? Do I hold on to it or sell it off?

  1. Anonymous says:

    Hold it . don't worry. It is definitely going to rise. they have cash inflow as well as stable business. it will rise as the market rise.

  1. Anonymous says:

    OK, so I finally decide to buy one that you recommend and get in with an after-hours order as you recommend, even though the after hours demand has driven the price up to $4.50. But it didn't take the after hours so I put in a limit order of $4.50 and it opens at $4.45, buys at $4.44 and does nothing but plummet from there. I guess that didn't work....

  1. Xerxes says:

    No desperation in the stock market guys. The best way to get profits is to leave behind the frustration of failures and move ahead. Do more research next time before entering. I made a huge bulk on HLCS and lost a few in PACR. Good luck to all of you. Also @ Mr. Knowledge, why there is no posting for Tuesday. I keep coming on the website to see if there is any new post since last night. Please do suggest at least 2 picks daily.

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