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  • INTK looks very Risky same do SKVI and EVII

    Think Twice before getting in INTK - Industrial Nannotech Inc.

    Hello Guys...
    I noticed this stock in some of the websites trying to pump it. I also came across people who are trying their best to pump this stock. This is a clear indication to alert us and think twice before buying this stock. As we discussed earlier about avoiding DNPI and successfully prevented our money from going in to waste. May be in the future these companies may rise high and worth buying but right now even these companies are good, their is no extra-ordinary change which can lead to a price spike.

    SKVI & EVII are also in the same pit. You might not be knowing but some websites are getting paid for representing a particular company on their website and sometimes they are also paid in shares which makes such websites more willing to advertise for shares. Here is one such from a famous website 'Enterprises LLC was compensated nine thousand dollars and 100,000 144 restricted common shares by the company for profile coverage for the period ending September 12, 2009'. You can find such information at the bottom of such websites where they declare they have been paid in money or shares for representing the company's profile on their website.

    To earn money in the stock market is not easy. You must do a lot of research before getting in any of the stock. Look for different websites giving tips and hot stocks for the coming trading day and make a list of all possible stocks. Research about each of them and shortlist a few.

    I will be posting monday's pick later this night. Keep an eye.......

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    God Bless........

    Be Rich.........


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