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  • Huron Financial to regain its Pride....

    Huron Consulting Group Reaffirms FY 2009 Revenue Outlook

    Hello Guys,

    Hot stocks everyday is back with today's Hot stock.

    HURN (Huron Financial) is the stock which was priced at $44 few weeks back and now is just 13.69. The huge price drop was due to the accounting fraud which came out of the company. On monday the company has announced positive data about 2009 Fiscal year. This time Get in to stay long. According to estimates, it must reach atelast $ 25 in a week as analysts have raised their price predictions for the company. I would prefer getting in at reasonable price tomorrow and holding for atleast 3 days to get good profit.

    Do your proper research on the company. Also do keep an eye on any news coming out for FRNTQ , SFIO , ABK and AIG.

    Huron Consulting Group confirmed fiscal 2009 guidance for revenues before reimbursable expenses in a range of $650 to $680 million. Visit reuters for whole news.

    Few weeks back
    Huron Takes Big Hit as Accounting Falls Short

    Investors fear the accounting issues, which will reduce net income by $57 million for the periods in question, might damage the firm's credibility. Huron's shares fell 70% on Monday, well below the price of its initial public offering in 2004. On Tuesday, Huron shares rose four cents to $13.73.

    Whole news can be read at Wall street online.

    Source : Google Finance
    About Huron Consulting

    Huron Consulting Group Inc. (Huron) is an provider of operational and financial consulting services. The Company operates through four business segments: Health and Education Consulting, Accounting and Financial Consulting, Legal Consulting and Corporate Consulting. The Health and Education Consulting segment provides consulting services to hospitals, physicians, academic medical centers, colleges, universities, and pharmaceutical and medical device manufacturers. The Accounting and Financial Consulting segment assists corporations with accounting and financial reporting matters, financial analysis in business disputes. The Legal Consulting segment provides guidance and business services to address the challenges that confront legal organizations. The Corporate Consulting segment helps clients through various stages of transformation that result in measurable and sustainable performance improvement. In January 2009, the Company acquired Nextmove, Saudi Arabia-based consulting firm.

    God Bless,

    Be Rich.


  1. Anonymous says:

    At what price would you consider selling? Is it likely that the stock will get back to high $30's low $40's within a couple weeks?

  1. Anonymous says:

    What do you consider a reasonable price to get in at?

  1. Anonymous says:

    would you buy in the pre-market or would you wait until the market opens and buy in the first 15 minutes of trading?

  1. Buy anytime today ...... try to pick on dips...

  1. Anonymous says:

    It's pre market price is up 35%. Do you anticipate it dropping down to 25% when the market opens?

  1. GenDoo says:


    do you think HURN will still raise. Now its down to $19,00 or do you tink it will go back to $40,00?

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