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  • CASM gets FDA Clearance.....

    CAS Medical Systems still has potential........

    Hey Guys,

    This company increased by 83% tuesday trading day. It still has potential to grow a lot. Such stocks usually show some sell off on second or third day but eventually the stock price has to increase as they have got some real news and real reason to get cash flowing in their company.

    Check out the news for the company and jump in on lows tomorrow. You can get good profit for a day trade tomorrow as well as a good profit if you will hold for a week or more.

    There is a risk of high selling during mid day tomorrow. you can also get in at that time to hold for long. But remember if you are planing for a day trade and jumping in early in premarket or market open then sell it for a reasonable profit before you go in red.

    Do leave comments if you have any concerns. Sign up for emails to get daily tips and discussions.

    FDA Expands Labeling for FORE-SIGHT(R) Cerebral Oximeter of CASM

    CAS Medical Systems Inc. (CASM) announced a new 510(k) clearance from the U.S. FDA to expand the labeling for its FORE-SIGHT(r) Cerebral Oximeter. The new labeling allows FORE-SIGHT to be used on all patients including those weighing less than 2.5 Kilogram.

    The FORE-SIGHT Cerebral Oximeter is a Near Infra-Red Spectroscopy (NIRS) based device that non-invasively and continuously detects oxygen saturation changes in brain tissue, allowing clinicians to quickly react to reverse potentially harmful events before they become critical. More news here

    Take wise decisions

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  1. Read on: says:

    Whats your take on RAD - Rite Aid?

  1. Rite Aid went through a lot Ups and Downs.
    It is stable for now and I don't see much spike in it now untill it goes below $1 again.

  1. Anonymous says:

    How about CASM? I got it at 1.90. Does it still have chance? Thanks.

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