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  • Awesome trading day...

    Great day to make money......

    Hey Guys,

    Today was a great day to make money.

    FRE - Freddie Mac rose to 2.35 during trading hours and closed at 2.05. It was moving around 65 to 70 cents before few cents. Thats clearly 400 % profit in few days only. This is possible with you too if we take some nice and brae decisions.

    FRNTQ- close at 0.13 with 91 % in green was the key stock which took us in green today. we had sold frntq earlier at highs and then entered at lows. Today it was again a great day to get rid of FRNTQ with 91 % gains.

    HEB- this stock again was in green today but for no significant reason. But this is the beauty of this stock, it rises just with rumours. The news which some people claim to be the reason of today's rise was about government taking actions in giving special grants for H1N1 vaccines but their isn't anything mentioned about HEB. But still profits are sweet.

    The market is at very good position right now and people have started trusting financial stocks again. There has been tremendous increase in Financials in very short time. C, HIG, AIG, have doubled in no time.

    This is the best time to do research and jump in the best stock which can give you huge profits so that you can go on a vacation. Find out the best. Internet is full of websites for giving hot picks. Just collect the hot picks from them and do your own research on them. Don't blindly follow what they say but use your own mind.

    Their is plenty of money to be made.

    God Bless,

    Be Rich.


  1. Read on: says:

    so which did u ride today? Cause i didnt touch a single financial stock even though they climbed up and down all day long, mostly up though

  1. Anonymous says:

    I need more help. I need that crystal ball so I know which stocks to buy BEFORE they go up. Sorry but I feel that most of those website giving stock tips are bullshit, so I'm scared to get in them. So which websites do you follow, and how do I do the research to make a decision to follow the stocks? Thanks.

  1. Anonymous says:

    I concur with anonymous, what do you look for when researching. I'm new to all this, but want to learn (not that I have a ton of time admittedly)

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