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  • Avoid DNPI.... can be a big pump and dump....

    DNPI is not worth pumping......


    Don't be a part of pump and dumps . Sometimes companies are not worth that much but sudden created curiosity makes us to jump in and the time when we realize comes too late.

    DNPI - people may say it rose 10 % today but if you will see the volume, It was just
    15,750 which makes the total transaction amount for the day for DNPI around $ 13000.
    May be due to the hype created, the volume and stock price may increase, but if you missed the rally, it would be really difficult to even sell those stocks.

    So beware. Don't follow blindly. Do research before jumping in.

    God Bless

    Be Rich


  1. Read on: says:

    wow .. ur still awake? so arent I

    Http://stockson.blogspot.com/ I've been watchin your blog now. Keep up the picks.

  1. I will keep an eye on yours......
    Be Rich

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